About us

We respect you, please respect us!

Don’t be evil and do bad things with our service. Don’t build a raw file conversion service on top of picswitch.

This service offers functionality to convert and modify files of different file formats. This service is provided through a web interface. You agree to comply with the policies and limitations concerning the use of the picswitch service, including, without limitation, the maximum consumed time (“conversion credits”) of conversions done through the service, the maximum number of files a user may upload through the service, and the maximum size of the files a user may convert through the service.

You agree to not reverse-compile or decompile, analyze, reverse-engineer, reverse-assemble or disassemble, unlock or otherwise attempt to discover the source code or underlying algorithms of picswitch or attempt to do any of the foregoing in relation to the picswitch service. These Terms of Service incorporate the Privacy Policy.

Copyright Policy

Don’t use our services and intellectual property for any form of infringement.

You are responsible only for the data (e.g., files, URLs) that you send to the picswitch service. picswitch does not monitor customer content. Please remember that illicit exchanges of recordings and protected works and hacking harm artistic creation. And please respect the laws in force, especially those concerning intellectual and artistic property.

We allow anyone to use our website as long as any use is within the bounds of German law. That is, we prohibit the use of our converter for illegal, pornographic, copyright-infringing, and other similar purposes. Since we do not control the data, we are not liable for the content converted through our service. We request that you use our service respectfully.