About us

Who we are

The dreier-schmiede is a web development agency based in Berlin. We create unique and cool websites like this and even more!

Why we do what we do

As professionals, we know that WEBP is the leading image format in the world of the wide web. However, many tools and programs do not offer the ability to export in this holy format. We were annoyed by all these “ForFree” converters that only convert one image or have unbearable quality loss. Therefore, we created one for ourselves and all other web developers, programmers, designers, and editors. Many pictures, good quality, simple usage - much wow!

What we get

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This website is basically a useful portfolio. It is a tool for everyone to use, but at the same time, it is a showcase of our skills. We would be happy to reach a target group on this website. If someone (maybe you right now?) needs a versatile and capable agency to realize their project ideas - maybe this website comes to their mind and you don’t hesitate to contact us.